Functional Fitness Home Gyms

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Functional Fitness Home Gyms

Functional Fitness Home Gyms

Their is a growing trend in home gyms. With the rise of functional fitness, movement and mobility comes the rise of small, affordable, easy home gym set ups.

I have been talking with a wide demographic of people who are setting up gyms or workout spaces and reasons are varied. In this article I will look at,

  • The minimum set up
  • Types of workouts to do at home
  • Should you set up a home gym
  • The benefits of working out from home

The Minimum Set Up

Working out doesn't mean, ''I need a rig, a rower and an Assault bike''. Here are some great pieces of equipment you can get for your home, that will offer you variety and intensity in your programming without sending you broke. 

Barbell & Bumpers Plates: We know how great these tools of the functional fitness trade are. With so much competition in the market these days you can pick up a 150kg high quality set of bumpers for under a $1,000. We obviously recommend that you check out our bumper packs :) 

Speed Ropes: Skipping is a great for raising the heart rate and you don't need a huge space. 

Wooden Gymnastic Rings: Rings are an item that can be tucked away neatly and pulled out when your ready to throw down. Work on your core stability, body weight strength and coordination by doing the extra reps from home. You may not be able to get full muscle ups out if you don't have high ceilings, but you can usually set them up for dips, progressions and transition practice. Gymnastic skills take practice, so these are a must have for the serious goal driven athlete.

Kettlebells: One little iron ball with a handle can create so much fun (or pain) in a work out. These bad boy's alone can help you target every area and nether region of your body. Check out this video on youtube for some ideas. 

Wall balls: We don't have to use the wall-balls just for the much loved wall ball. Use the guys for a variety of workouts. You can add them in as an odd object workout by taking them for a run, use them for squats, sit ups and even stretching.

Ab Mats: We all want Abs, these mats are cheap and easy to store away. A self explanatory piece of equipment really, want Abs?

Do sit ups!

Dumbbells: You don't need one of every dumbbell in your home gym. You can get a couple of the main sizes to suit your level and modify workouts. These beauties allow you to add in bodybuilding workouts as well. Functional fitness athletes don't often pay attention to isolation or body building type exercises. I recommend spending time isolating specific areas of the body to increase strength and range of motion. Lastly they are awesome in your functional fitness workouts. 

Plyo Box: Box jumps are one thing I see so many people struggle with. The only way to improve a skill is repetition. Get the monkey off your back by putting one of these in your gym and working on them. They can also be used for a heap of things other then jumping on. Try doing box squats as progressions when working up to a new 1 RM. 

Those are some basic affordable items for your home . The sky is the limit when fitting out a home gym. You may want to add these items to finish it off,

  • Timer
  • white board
  • chalk and bucket
  • fan
  • rubber flooring

Types of work outs for home gyms

I use my own home gym for, working on fundamentals and the tiny extras more than anything. The areas that don't always get a go in your weekly workouts. Other people use their home gyms as a way to get a 2nd workout in for the day.

I think most of us have seen the worlds fittest man, Mat Fraser smash out intense work outs from home. If not check out this clip from his series Making a champion.

Types of workouts,

  • Body weight
  • Hiit
  • Circuit training
  • Body building
  • Conditioning 
  • Active recovery 

To get programs or ideas I recommend youtube and . Both sites have a huge range of workouts for all levels. I also recommend that you get a personal trainer or some sought of coaching if you have never worked out before. Just having a crack is pointless if your doing it dangerously or with poor technique.  

Should you set up a home gym?

I am going to say yes. What a surprise right? 

If you are like me, you need to work out every day and rest once a week. Having a functional fitness home gym allows me to save time, improve my weakness and stay motivated. If it's there, use it. 

If you have a busy family life, young kids etc, getting to the gym for class times everyday might not be an option. But if you have a set of rings hanging in the back yard, the kid's can play and you can improve yourself through staying fit. Home gyms allow you to stay active, save you time and money.

The old money. We all want to pay for the best coaching, the best programming and the best facilities. For some of us that's not an option. A home gym can save you the cost of paying membership fees. 

The benefits of a home gym

A lot of the benefits of a home gym have been covered in ''should i set up a home gym'', so here is the best of the best when it comes to benefits,

  • Work on weaknesses
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Set a good example to family and friends
  • Get in extra workouts
  • You don't need a huge space or heaps of equipment
  • Motivate yourself by having equipment. If you have it use it!

Functional Fitness home gyms are the trendy flavor of the month, but I think this trend is here to stay. Staying active and healthy is key to living an unrestricted life. 

If you are interested in setting up a home gym LYCAN FITNESS AUSTRALIA can help you find the equipment that is best suited to your needs. Contact us via our

Contact Us page


Or call 

0405 416 464

Thanks for reading and remember to train like its a FULL MOON!




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