Meet Coach Suze

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Meet Coach Suze


This month we are lucky to have Suze Adams share a work out with us. 



Suze has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. Suze is convinced of the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. She chose to become a professional trainer because of her own enthusiasm for keeping fit and staying healthy. Suze felt that this enthusiasm could rub off on others so she decided to start helping others start their journey in living healthy lives. 

Suze holds a Certificate 4 in Personal Training, Diploma is sports massage and a life coaching qualification from Foundationhead Health Retreat. 

Suze is passionate about helping clients to make better lifestyle choices by guiding them through, nutrition, and relaxation-recovery to have lasting impact on their health. 

Whether you are looking for weight loss, sport specific, functional movement or strength and conditioning styles of training Suze can tailor an individual program for you to help you reach your goals. It does not matter if you are a novice, experienced gym user or an athlete Suze has the experience to create programming can easily be incorporated in your everyday life. 

Suze trains 1-1 or groups of 2 at he Busselton Fitness Club. This allows her to give clients the time and attention to tailor an approach that motivates and targets your individual fitness goals. in addition to personal training, Suze can guide you in fueling your body in the right way to gain maximum results. She offers sports massage therapy and can teach you the right stretching techniques to aid muscle recovery. 


Suze works flexible hours and trains out of the Busselton Fitness Club. Suze is happy to discuss all of your needs and requirements. To speak with her email If you sign up for a membership at Busselton Fitness Club you are entitled to 2 sessions with Suze. You can use the sessions for a gym induction, where you will be given 2 full body programs, incorporating strength, core and cardio. For the more experienced club members the 2 sessions can be put together to compliment your current training program or introduce you to a training style you have never one before. Suze is a top level trainer that you can trust to give you the dedication and commitment you need to meet your fitness goals. 



Be Sure to give this work out a go and let us know how you went.