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Mindset is the new thing in sport. Athletes at all levels now employ the services of mind coaches to help them understand how to think in situations.

Why would this be important?

In a moment when the responsibility is on you to make the shot, the play or the right choice, are you going to hit or not?

Its something you have nailed 100 times over but suddenly the big moment is real, the only thing that can stop you is your mind. A strong, worked mind will be able to treat that situation like it is the same as every other situation and get the job done. A weak nervous mind will falter and sabotage the situation with self doubt or questions of ability and think of the result before it occurs, leaving the present moment. 

Are you a person who is aware of your inner dialect? 

If so what does it say when you have reached exhaustion? 

Does it tell you its ok and to go faster or is it negative and tells you its to stop or slow down for a little rest?

How about when something goes wrong in your life, you get sick, someone dies, you get fired from a job, what does the voice sound like then?

Is it supportive or ultra negative?

Mindset is the ability to listen to that noise, control it, than manipulate it, into positive actions. If you can be aware of those moments of self sabotage and stop them in their tracks, you can begin accessing new levels of self fulfillment and potential. 

When things don't go to plan change the thought, to acknowledgement of opportunity, not loss of opportunity. Anytime you have to pivot or maneuver from a goal or ambition it comes wrapped in gifts, such as learning to adapt,learning a new way of doing something, resourcefulness and the list goes on. 

Begin transforming your mindset by listening. You will know when you quit or when you get anxiety and depression. Before getting to that place stop on the way and begin changing the thoughts. Begin telling yourself you can do this and even tell the negative thoughts they are not going to win. Take ownership of all things in your life by not blaming or looking for excuses. Mindset is ownership of all things good and bad in your life.

You have control over nothing in your life, full stop.

Literally nothing in your life can be controlled by you. Things can go wrong and take anything from you at anytime and you can never stop it, with out time travel. The one thing that you can control without doubt is your thoughts. You have the ability to choose how you react to all situations both in sport and life. 

If you use this super power to accept things and make positive opportunity out of all situations, either good or bad than you have laid the foundation for a strong mindset. Without laying this foundation and acknowledging that you can't control the outcome of any situation, you can only control how you think before, during and after that moment than fear will leave you. Once fear leaves taking the shot, making the play or getting on with life is easy. 



When athletes compete often they are held back not by ability but by mindset. They are sloppy or never quite get over the line in first place always second. This can only be fixed through mindset. Do not compete against anyone ever. Compete against yourself. During competition if you are always concerned with everyone else you can never win. The champions don't care who is in the game against them. They are only concerned with one thing winning. They know 100% that if they go all out and giver everything every time they will win because others aren't mentally strong enough to go to the places they are willing to go to win. It isn't always because of talent or that they are superior athletes, its the fact they will kick the pain barrier in the face and climb through that bitch. Champions don't compete they take the game to a place where others have to come to, they make people compete against them. 

Do you ever find yourself winning or in front and hear the voice in your head say all you have to do is keep this going and you will win. Champions don't try to hold leads they push themselves to the point where every opportunity to win is an opportunity to win better. If you are a high level athlete who reaches a point where you can hit cruise control, than next time you think oh this is fast enough, turn that shit off and hit the burners. You can go beyond that point to greatness. The average and ok performers will stop at this is fast enough and the champions go redline to the end to get better. The champions know their game plan and know what their body is saying to them when. They know how to manipulate thoughts into actions and make their body perform at the exact right moment to make others compete against them.