Should I Use Supplements?

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Should I Use Supplements?


Lycan Fitness Australia has been selling supplements in Busselton for 12 months now. We are often asked should I use supplements?

What supplements should I use?

We can't give you any specific advice you should consult a professional before taking supplements. However we can tell you the type of supplements people take, who takes them and why.

Who Uses supplements why, what and when?



The 2 main categories of people using supplements that we come across are athletes and people trying to loose weight. 

Athletes use supplements mostly for recovery and for some performance advantages however they are not significant. 

People using supplements for weight loss will use a WPI or whey protein isolate as a meal replacement or substitution. This can be effective in conjunction with a nutrition plan created by a professional for your specific needs. 


People use supplements for all different reason. The main reason is for recovery purposes. Good consistent supplementation has been proven to aid in recovery time reducing the amount of rest required between workouts. Their have also been studies to see if certain supplements can increase performance. Most studies are not conclusive and the evidence is not significant enough to be notable. The supplements with the most conclusive evidence are Creatine Monohydrate and Protein.  

If you choose to use a supplement for weight loss you will most likely use a protein as a meal replacement. The most common protein is is the WPI because of its high protein and low carbohydrate mix. 


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People use all sorts of products looking for any advantage they can get. We find people use pre workouts, proteins and creatines more than any other product.

Pre Workouts we sell, use caffeine to provide focus and energy for the consumer. It is also mixed with a range of other ingredients such as, creatine, beta alanine and BCAAs. Having all those ingredients in the one product is an effective way of getting the most bang for your buck.

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Pre and Post workout are the most common. Some intra workout supplements do exsist such as BCAAs. Their effectiveness is debated in various studies with the most common outcome being inconclusive. We have had mixed reports and observed it is really a person by person thing to whether or not any benefit is recieved.

Pre workouts is usually for energy however some people do use protein or a carbohydrate source such as dextrose or powdered oats. The carbohydrate provides athletes with fuel to burn during workouts. 



Always consult a professional before using supplements in your diet.

They are proven to help and are essential for athletes who workout several times a week. For more information please contact us and we can put you in touch with our professional friends in the industry.

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