Maxine's Burn Bars

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High Protein Fat Burning Snack

Maxine's BURN Bar

Maxine’s BURN bars are the ideal high protein snack for active women. They are low in fat and carbohydrates, and have a unique thermogenic protein blend and contain powerful carb blockers and fat burners to really ignite your metabolism. They are a delicious guilt-free treat perfect for all women.


How To Take BURN Bar

Consume 1 bar per day as a snack between meals in conjunction with healthy nutrition plan.

Who Should Take BURN Bar

Maxine’s BURN bars are a delicious and convenient way to get great nutrition on the run. They are made from a special blend of high quality proteins without unwanted bad fats and simple sugars. This high protein formula stimulates your metabolism to produce heat, which is known a Thermogenesis. When combined with powerful carb blockers and fat burners, Maxine’s BURN bars are a great snack to help you get in shape.

  •   High quality thermogenic protein for appetite control and improved metabolism.
  •   Added fat burners and carb blockers to help you get leaner.
  •   Low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars.
  •   Gluten free for a healthier option.